We design it
so you can make it

SEC : 01 — 05

We are a design studio focused on creating new experiences, specializing in transportation. We work for both start-ups and the major players in the automotive industry.

Design is not just our profession. It is a mission. We combine design and business experience with a constant pursuit of perfection. We know very well that good design is not only about what is beautiful and luxurious. It is a responsible investment in the future.

Maximum passion

SEC : 02 — 05

Tomorrow's projects implemented today

A rich past that lets us look
boldly to the future.

We have experience in executing a variety of projects, such as cars, commercial and special vehicles, as well as public transportation, which we regard as an important part of the urban fabric.

Years of acquiring knowledge and honing our competencies have made us feel confident in mobility design. And not only that. Thanks to our rich history, we boldly look to the future. There are the ideas that we are making real today.

From an idea

— to the reality

2015 — PRESENT
SEC : 03 — 05

We understand that effective design is a direct result of addressing specific requirements. Design is influenced by the world around us, and in turn, shapes our reality. Creating a product is just the initial stage of its life cycle. We approach each project holistically, recognizing its potential impact on both the user and the environment. It is the integrity of usability, ergonomics and aesthetics.

We know the Polish market, and we also know what the standards are worldwide. We are inspired by the best. We are designers with business awareness and empathy. We understand the Client's thinking and always take their concerns, goals, and needs seriously.

SEC : 04 — 05

Ambitiously and for years, we have been involved in designing mobility - and more. For us, every project undertaken has an interdisciplinary dimension. We apply all of our knowledge, experience, and passion to the entire process: from conceptual work to the implementation of the product on the market.

Nevertheless, it is not the product itself that stands at the center of attention during our work. What is most important is you: both as a Client and as a user. We realize the concerns and expectations you may have - we want to help you through this challenge.

Are you planning a vehicle project? We don't ask how bold it is. Let's work together to create something refined, practical - and above all: timeless. We have what you need: design expertise, open-mindedness, and business knowledge. We will guide you through the entire design process, all the way to implementation.

What we can
do for you


01 : Definition

  • Design workshops and brief creation
  • Collection of underlying information
  • Market benchmark and competition analysis
  • Choice of design strategy

02 : Concept

  • Functional architecture development
  • Design language creation
  • Concept generation
  • Color, Material, Finish (CMF)

03 : Refinement

  • Design development and refinement
  • Photorealistic visualisations
  • Concept 3D models and mock-ups
  • Tests and verification

04 : Engineering

  • Surface and solid CAD models
  • Technical documentation
  • Technological process planning
  • Supervision and implementation support
2024 1 — 3
SEC : 05 — 05

01 .

We precisely balance between two worlds: design and business.

For us, design has an organic dimension. Every stage of the process and every detail must be thought out and refined to ensure that all elements come together to create a whole that meets the most daring expectations. It is a space for creativity and analysis, observation, and experience. But it does not end there: implementing a product on the market is just the beginning. We will share with you our experience and knowledge related to the realities of the market and its requirements. We feel the responsibility for your success.