City bus Exterior design

2020 / 2022
Personal project
Internal concept as a reflection on the future of the design of the urban means of transport.

The concept is one of the results of the ongoing reflection on the future of public transport that regularly takes place in the studio. The goal was to propose a design of the exterior of a city bus that could be seen on the streets of both Polish and foreign cities in the nearest future.

Although the city bus is a vehicle, it goes far beyond the definition of this word. Yes, it is used to move from point A to point B in the first place but at the same time it is an important element of the urban fabric. It is a specific vehicle then, that functions in a strictly defined context. It moves around the city, "dressed" in its livery, carrying the passengers. What is more, it is repeatedly duplicated, often making a long line of vehicles - one behind the other. The bus has to be characteristic enough for passengers to notice it quickly but, in the same time, neutral enough not to interfere with landscape and not to intensify the visual chaos.

Emphasizing the asymmetry of the bus exterior by clearly marking the functional areas.

Creating a distinctive character with maintaining a neutral form.

Design :
Mateusz Przystał
2020 / 2022