Car transporter Roadside assistance vehicle

Design of a tow truck body based on the Volkswagen Crafter. The vehicle was designed in two variants: as a civil tow truck and as a roadside assistance. Based on this project, the entire family of vehicles is currently under development. Our Studio was also responsible for the design of the visual identity of the Decarad brand.

Roadside assistance vehicles, such as car transporters, are a compilation of two worlds. On the one hand, there is the OEM cabin of the car on which the vehicle is based. On the other hand - the bodywork that gives it a proper function. Usually, there is a significant visual dissonance between these elements, so the vehicle is not perceived as a coherent form. It was one of the fundamental problems that our client wanted to solve by creating the Decarad brand.

With this project, our Studio had two superior goals. The first was to refine the functionality and usability of the vehicle. This process was supported by many workshops with daily users of similar vehicles. The second objective was to eliminate the aforementioned visual dissonance by coherently combining the cabin of the Volkswagen Crafter with the towing platform. The key was to achieve harmony between all the elements of the project.

The cabin of the car is smoothly combined with the bodywork behind it.

In addition to the car transporter project, we also designed the visual identity of the Decarad brand.

Other vehicles based on this project are under development. Together, they will create a visually coherent family.

Design :
Mateusz Przystał
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