VW iii : concept interaction, impact, iconic

Personal project
Unofficial student concept car design made at Vysoká Škola Výtvarných Umení (Academy of Fine Arts and Design) in Bratislava in cooperation with Volkswagen.

Many needs, one platform.

The aim of the project was to design a concept vehicle that would be a link between the past and the future. Three i's, or "interaction, impact, iconic", is a new vision created for tomorrow, while drawing from the car maker's tradition and its iconic models.

This concept is a different look at a commercial vehicle which is a one base that can have multiple uses. The versatile, universal platform can carry many people at once, is not afraid of transporting heavy and large goods, and - when needed - it becomes a comfortable space, where you can start your weekend chill on the way back home from work. It can be whatever you want it to be.

Simple, clean form. Strong horizontal section. Trustworthy look.

Design :
Mateusz Przystał
Consultation :
Štefan Klein / VŠVU
Peter Baumann / VŠVU
Michal Uhrin / VW